4x4 Tyres

Why Use 4x4 Tyres

4x4 tyres are designed for use on SUVs and other all terrain vehicles. Manufactured to withstand the increased pressures that  SUVs cause on tyres, such as the increased weight and power being distributed to all 4 tyres.

4x4 tyres are designed with adverse conditions in mind, whether it be travelling up muddy hills, through shallow streams or in snowy conditions, the tread pattern specific to these tyres performs significantly well in these conditions.

4x4 Tyres for Road Use

Designed specifically for road use, these will provide the greatest benefits for motorway use and general road travel. These tyres are similar in appearance and performance to conventional tyres, providing improve fuel economy and many of the other benefits that come with summer and winter tyres.

4x4 Tyres for Off Road Use

Designed for off road terrain such as crossing muddy fields or climbing trails. As these tyres are designed specifically for off road use, they do come with down sides when then the tyres hit the road - increased wear and decreased fuel performance.


4x4 Tyres for All Terrain Adventures

Designed to perform both on and off the road, all terrain tyres can either be seen as the best of both worlds or a compromise between the two. 

The Benefits of Using 4x4 Tyres

The benefits of using a 4x4 tyres compared to two wheel drive tyres:

  • Increased Grip & Traction

  • Withstand Increased Pressures (Weight & Power Distribution)

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