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Van Tyres

Why Use Van Tyres

Compared to conventional car tyres, van tyres are reinforced to withstand greater loads. Van tyres are manufactured with strength and durability in mind.

Commercial Tyres

Commercial tyres, marked 'C', are designed to withstand heavier loads than car tyres which may be posed by business use such as carrying tools and materials or a number of passengers within the vehicle.

Tyre Longevity

Much like car tyres, the longevity of van tyres of 'C' class tyres depends on many variables such as the terrain, tyre maintenance, driving style and loads carried on the vehicle. 

Van tyres should last around 20,000 miles or up to 40,000 miles on the rear of the vehicle.

Van Tyres Sunderland

Grangetown Tyres is Sunderland’s leading van tyre and puncture repair specialist. We also offer a great range of top brand van tyres at competitive prices, and we're equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your tyres are fitted correctly. We also provide a range of services, including wheel alignment, puncture repairs, and balancing, to ensure that your tyres are in optimal condition.

Need a Van Tyre in Sunderland or the Surrounding Area? Give use a call. Best of all... We'll come to you!!

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