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Reinforced Tyres

Why Use Reinforced Tyres?

Reinforced tyres are designed to accept loads and pressures over and above those that conventional tyres are able to withstand.

Manufacturers design reinforced tyres to accept higher air pressures and reinforce the tyre to provide additional strength and durability. 

Reinforced tyres should be considered when your vehicle regularly carries additional weight or when local road conditions are poor, such as potholes or gravel roads.

Are Reinforced Tyres The Same As Run-Flat Tyres?

Some people believe reinforced tyres are run flats. Run flats are designed to cope with the pressures placed on the tyre in the event of a puncture. Reinforced tyres however are designed to with the aim of stopping the puncture occurring in the first place.

Reinforced Tyres Sunderland

Grangetown Tyres is Sunderland’s leading car tyre and puncture repair specialist. We also offer a great range of top brand run flat tyres at competitive prices, and we're equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your tyres are fitted correctly. We also provide a range of services, including wheel alignment, puncture repairs, and balancing, to ensure that your tyres are in optimal condition.

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