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Can Mobile Tyre Fitters Do Wheel Balancing

In the realm of vehicle maintenance, wheel balancing is a critical aspect often overlooked but essential for a smooth and safe driving experience. Mobile tyre fitting services, such as Grangetown Tyres, play a crucial role not only in tyre replacement but also in ensuring proper wheel balancing for optimal performance.

What is Mobile Tyre Fitting?

Mobile tyre fitting is a convenient service that brings tyre replacement, repairs, and maintenance directly to your preferred location. Rather than visiting a fixed garage, skilled technicians equipped with the necessary tools arrive at your specified place, providing on-location service.

What is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel balancing is the process of evenly distributing the weight of a tyre and wheel assembly to ensure smooth rotation at various speeds. Imbalances can lead to vibrations, uneven tyre wear, and potentially unsafe driving conditions.

How is Wheel Balancing Done?

Technicians utilize specialized equipment to identify imbalances in the tyre and wheel assembly. They attach weights to specific points on the wheel rim to counterbalance any uneven weight distribution, ensuring smooth and vibration-free rotation.

Can Mobile Tyre Fitters Do Wheel Balancing?

Absolutely. Reputable mobile tyre fitting services, like Grangetown Tyres, are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to perform wheel balancing as part of their comprehensive service offerings.

Is it Safe to Drive with Unbalanced Wheels?

Driving with unbalanced wheels can lead to several issues, including vibrations, premature tyre wear, stress on suspension components, and decreased handling and stability, potentially compromising safety on the road.

Do Tyres Always Need to be Balanced?

When fitting new tyres or following certain maintenance procedures like tyre rotation, it's recommended to have the wheels balanced. However, not every maintenance check requires immediate wheel balancing. It's essential to have it checked when experiencing vibrations or uneven tyre wear.

Can You Balance Tyres Yourself?

While it's possible to balance tyres at home, it requires specialized equipment and expertise. Professional technicians at mobile tyre fitting services ensure accurate and precise balancing, providing peace of mind.

Do Tyres Get Balanced When Fitted?

Reputable mobile tyre fitting services often include wheel balancing as part of their tyre fitting process. They ensure that the new tyre, once fitted, is balanced to maintain optimal performance.

Why Use Grangetown Tyres to Fit Your Next Tyre?

  • Expertise: Skilled technicians ensuring proper wheel balancing.

  • Convenience: On-location tyre fitting and maintenance at your preferred location.

  • Comprehensive Service: Including wheel balancing for a smooth driving experience.

Wheel balancing is an integral part of maintaining a vehicle's performance and safety. Grangetown Tyres offers professional mobile tyre fitting services, ensuring not just tyre replacement but also meticulous wheel balancing to keep your driving experience smooth and secure.

If you're thinking about a tyre change, give Grangetown Tyres a call for a no-obligation quote. Best of all... We'll come to you!!

Blog article by Matt Atkinson, SME Geek Ltd


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