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EU Tyre Label: What Does It Mean??

The EU tyre label is designed to provide information on the safety and impact of your tyres. When selecting new tyres, the tyre label enables you to compare wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise ratings.

Where to find EU Tyre Labels?

The EU tyre label should be on your tyre. It is the law for manufactures to provide an EU tyre label with each tyre they manufacture. If you're unable to locate your EU tyre label, check the manufacture's website.

When will a EU Tyre Label be on your Tyre?

The EU tyre label should be on each new tyre that you buy. The fitter will generally remove the tyre label prior to fitting the new tyre to your vehicle.

EU Tyre Label Fuel Efficiency Rating

The next time you're due for a tyre change, each tyre you can select from in the vast array available will have its own affect on your fuel efficiency. The improved fuel efficiency will also reduce your CO2 emissions. The fuel efficiency on the EU tyre label is ranked from:

A (Green): best fuel efficiency

G (Red): worst fuel efficiency

Rating D or lower should not be used on passenger cars.

According to Goodyear, using an A rated tyre could provide you with a saving on fuel consumption of up to £220 per year.

EU Tyre Label Wet Grip Rating

The EU tyre label has a wet grip rating, which is based on the wet braking performance of the tyre. The wet grip rating on the EU tyre label is ranked from:

A: best wet braking performance

G: worst wet braking performance

According to Goodyear, using an A rated tyre compared to a F rated tyre can reduce braking distances in wet conditions by as much as 18 meters when travelling at 50mph.

EU Tyre Label Noise Rating

The noise rating is designed to compare the tyres dB rating to the limit set by European regulations. The rating is based the drive-by or pass-by noise created by tyres on your vehicle.

As not many people are familiar with dB ratings, the labels included 3 waves to signify the tyres performance in relation to noise:

1 Black Wave: Quiet (3dB or more below the European limit)

2 Black Waves: Moderate (between the European limit and 3dB below)

3 Black Waves: Loud (above the European limit)

Will Brexit Affect EU Tyre Labels in the UK?

It is unlikely that EU tyre labels will disappear after Brexit, unless the UK were to introduce a similar standards and comparative system.

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Blog article by Matt Atkinson, SME Geek Ltd


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