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How You Can Support Local Businesses Online

Local businesses need your support now more than ever, whether its supporting your local café by grabbing a cuppa, getting your meat from the butchers instead of the supermarket or by your pastries from the local bakers - it all helps to keep them in business and food on the table.

Another way you support local businesses is to leave them reviews online, to let them know they're doing a good job and you're happy with the service (or not). By leaving an online review you're helping the business:

  • Get Found on Search Engines Like Google. Every time you leave a review it has an impact on how Search Engines view the business. Positive reviews let search companies like Google know that the business is providing a good service or product and moves them up the search results - this makes it easier for the next person to find the business when they begin searching.

  • Get Feedback on their Services/Products. It is always great to know you're doing a good job and online reviews can let businesses know just that. On the flip side, if there's something a business could be doing better, I'm sure they would rather know.

  • Gain Credibility in their Market. When looking for a product or service, people inevitability check reviews from others who have made the same or similar purchases. These reviews help the business gain credibility in their eyes and for new start-ups or businesses new to the online world the lack of online reviews can hamper that credibility.

  • Increase Sales. Without the credibility that online reviews provide to potential buyers can directly impact how many sales the business can make. These businesses are often on the smaller side and the impact on sales directly affects their ability to pay bills.

  • Connect with YOU. As you leave feedback to a local business - whether good or bad - it gives the business chance to connect with you. To thank you for taking the time to leaving a review and give the business a chance to rectify a potential issue.

We encourage all our customers to leave online reviews to support their local businesses on:

We would be extremely grateful if you could leave us a review on Facebook, Google or Remember, if you choose Grangetown Tyres for your next tyre change... We'll come to you!!

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