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Are Part Worn Tyres Worth The Risk??

Part worn tyres don't have the greatest reputation in the UK... But why?

Are Part Worn Tyres Legal?

Part Worn Tyres are legal to sell and install in the UK, as long as they're above 2mm in tread depth and overall in relatively good condition (no bulges, exposed cords, abnormalities, etc.).

The legal limit for tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, meaning when buying part worn tyres there's a chance you'll only have 0.4mm of tread before needing another tyre change.

Part worn tyres are often shipped from European countries such as Germany, Denmark & Holland, where they haven't met the legal standard to be sold on, but you could be relying on those same tyres to keep you safe on the road.

The Economics of Part Worn Tyres

TyreSafe - an independent road safe UK charity - report that a part worn tyre can cost as much as £6.33 per millimetre of tread. Whereas they claim a new budget tyre costs around £5.32 per millimetre of tread.

Part worn tyres may be cheaper on the day, but it appears you'll be paying for it down the road.

Tyre Warranties on Part Worn Tyres

When buying a new tyre, there is a guarantee from both the dealer and the manufacturer that the tyre is up to UK standard and will be safe on the road. However, there are no such guarantees made when buying part worn tyres.

After buying a new tyre, if you believe there are any problems (abnormalities or incorrect fitting) you should contact the installer!

Dodgy Dealings on Part Worn Tyres

There are ongoing investigations completed by Trading Standards & TyreSafe into the practices of part worn tyre sellers. In as recently as October 2020, it has been reported that 99% of part worn tyre dealers that were investigated sell part worn tyres illegally. However, what's most concerning is that 75% of the tyres inspected were unsafe!!

"In a week of activity in the North East, a multi-agency team led by officers from Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit visited 29 businesses, none of which complied with the regulations."

Calls for Banning Part Worn Tyres

Just type in 'ban part worn tyres' on Google and you'll soon realise what kind of reputation the industry has - you'll find many horror stories within the pages calling for banning the practice.

The Hidden Dangers of Part Worn Tyres

Check out this video from TyreSafe for more information on the dangers of part worn tyres:

Grangetown Tyres Verdict on Part Worn Tyres

We don't sell and have no plans to sell part worn tyres. The economics just don't support it - and even if they did, we're not putting YOUR SAFETY AT RISK!!

Are you ready for a tyre change? Don't risk your safety with a part worn tyre, come to us for a no obligation quote on a new premium, mid-range or budget tyre. Best of all, if you decide to got with Grangetown Tyres for your next tyre change... We'll come to you!!

Blog article by Matt Atkinson, SME Geek Ltd


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